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Celebrating International Women’s Day at DMG!

Today is International Women’s Day! So here at DMG we are celebrating the successes we have seen over the past few years with Kate Manners at the helm as our Managing Director.

We’d like to share a few words from Kate…

“I got the job at DMG because my Dad owned the business but I’ve risen through the ranks because I am good enough to do so and capable of running the Company. 

In too many countries I wouldn’t have even been given the opportunity to join a business, family or otherwise, never mind lead one. In our own country the disparity of pay between men and women has become well publicised and this makes us no better than those countries where women aren’t even allowed to get an education.

It’s time all people of all genders, backgrounds, religions, sexual preferences etc stood together against gender inequality whatever shape that manifests itself in both here in the UK and worldwide.”

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