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Simon and son and the Rusty Road 2 Recovery!

Our very own Simon Carr who is a sales advisor here at DMG is keeping the love of classic cars alive in the family.

His summer holiday this year was a much anticipated trip to Cornwall in his Triumph PI with his son Toby. Toby has certainly been bitten by the classic car bug as his dad bought him an Austin A35 four years ago when he was just 12!

One of Simon’s customers is running a restoration car garage which operates a scheme where people with mental health issues attend on a weekly basis. The scheme encourages the individual to benefit from the restoration of a vehicle by gaining a sense of satisfaction from their own/team works. The organisation which is called Rusty Road 2 Recovery is based in Somerset. They tend to use Morris Minors as project cars and the team restore the car, which then gets sold and funds the next project. The team were happy to have Simon & Toby down for the week.

As Toby wanted to take his A35 and get some rear spring hanger welding done, Simon drove his PI with the Austin A35 in tow! Toby’s car went on to the ramp for an inspection which needed a couple of repair panels and while waiting for parts to arrive, a quick inspection of the underside of the PI was in order and it soon become clear there were a lot of problems!

The first notification of any trouble was when water was spotted dripping from the O/S inner sill through the underseal. A quick scrape to remove the underseal and that’s when rot was discovered. The inner sill was full of water and as parts of the inner sill fell away, so did the water.

Toby scrapped away at the O/S working from the middle of the car (where the water was leaking from) to the front, and after a lot more work the father and son duo were faced with some rot and problems that needed to be fixed. The good guys at Rusty Road 2 Recovery got to work and promised it was repairable as long as they could find some solid metal to weld to. After many hours of handwork from the Rusty Road 2 recovery team the car was finally back up to scratch!

Simon and Toby could not praise the support and help of the team enough. There abilities and technical knowhow are nothing short of first class and to have a genuine caring qualified classic car company turning out such a high quality of work, is reassuring to know that Simon can keep and maintain the Triumph for many years to come.

Here are a few pictures of Simon and Toby working together to get the car back up and running. 
Thanks both for sharing this great story! 😀🔧📖

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