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The MGB was launched in May 1962, and was to become for many, the epitome of the modern British sports car; who would have thought that this MG model with its stunning lines would prove to be the last MG to be built at the famous Abingdon factory. The MGB was in continuous production up until the closure of Abingdon in October 1980.

Fun Facts

  • A 1962 Iris Blue Roadster is the oldest known surviving RHD MGB.
  • In 1975 the first MGB fitted with a catalyst went on sale in California.


Kieran Reid –Sales Advisor & MGB Owner

My favourite all time car has always been the MGB GT. Since growing up around classic cars and therefore attending many of the shows, the MGB in its common numbers was the one classic I knew wasn’t too much out of reach that I saw at every show.

The MGB, specifically the GT, stands out for me in a number of ways. The long bonnet, the Pininfarina styled top, the lovely and beastly B-Series exhaust note and the large community in which helps keep them on the road.

Once tagged as the poor man’s E-Type, the MGB was developed to fill a major gap in the British sports car industry. A more affordable yet quick sports car to replace the MGA and to compete with other similar marques of its day. It’s one of those aspects that still relates today for me, especially with an ever-growing number of young enthusiasts like myself getting into MGB ownership.

My MGB GT is a 1971 ‘Mk2’ example, featuring the recessed ‘fish mouth’ grille, Webasto sunroof and optional wire wheels. Me and my Dad have shared our passion for classic cars ever since I was around 6 years old. My Mum admits she’s getting into them too. She of course loves my MGB and has made it clear she’s very fond of the Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite! My Dad began working for a company manufacturing knock off spinners and hubs, and began bringing me along to the shows they attend like the Beaulieu Autojumbles and Stoneleigh spares days. Ever since I’ve religiously been attending every year.

With Covid about of course, that’s made it impossible these past few years. Rest assured, purchasing my MGB has made a father & son project that we improve bit by bit from the smallest of bolt replacements to minor rust repair. Last year, 3 days before the lockdown system was introduced in the UK, I did manage to take my MGB out for a road trip with 3 friends and their classic cars. We took my MGB, an Austin A40 Farina and Wolseley Six up to the village of Goathland in North Yorkshire, the setting and filming location of Heartbeat. My friend’s Austin A40 Farina is the actual one used in Heartbeat, so was only right we chose that theme for our roadtrip!

Lockdown has been somewhat useful for my MGB. Despite me not actually driving it anywhere for a long period of time, it’s given us the chance to sort even the smallest of issues and improvements. From the smallest of brackets to some external bodywork trim, it’s been satisfying to make these minor fixes and improvements to the car.

One of these fixes involved the sidelight and indicator units for both sides. (Part number BHA4966). The car developed an issue where once activated, the left indicator would just stay on and not flash. Suspecting the obvious wiring issue, I purchased 2 new units and replaced them both along with the connectors. It’s a good job we did, the old units had a tonne of rust on the rear of them! These units are great quality, strong and the chrome surround completes the look!

Another part that needed replacing was one of the overrider rubber faces(Part number BHH157). Being a 1971 model, my BGT has the chrome overriders with the rubber faces. One of the rubbers had certainly seen better days, and as I’ve not long re-chromed the bumpers, thought a nice new rubber face would look the part and help complete the beauty of the bumpers! The rubbers are a simple fitment and are great quality to fit.

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