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Keiran's Furlough Story

Our sales advisor, Keiran who talks about how it has been for him on furlough leave due to the current Covid19 situation....

"After being furloughed from work for 3 weeks, I'm now back on my desk helping to keep classic cars on the road and doing what I love. Having time off for an extended period of time, and in fact the longest I've been off work, hasn't been at all bad. It's been a mixture of house jobs including decorating, projects online and even gardening. But the main aspect that's kept me well occupied is working on my classic car, my 1971 MGB GT.

I've owned my MGB for just over a year now, and ever since it's been a great Father & Son project with little improvements each time. During my furlough, we've restored its original rocker cover. It had seen better days, as most of it was either rust or chipped paint and dents. After replacing it with a stainless steel upgrade last year, I thought it would be nice to get its original 'tin style' cover back on. After some good old panel beating, strip down, paint and new decals applied, we fitted it back on and I'm really happy with the result. At the same time we restored the heater bypass pipe that runs over so it matches. Alongside the rocker cover, we've also replaced the thermostat housing and pipe. Lockdown has reminded me that you've never finished a classic car, there's always something to do and that adds to the fun of owning one.

Alongside working on my MG, I also headed a social media project promoting mental health awareness during isolation. I teamed up with 9 fellow automotive creators, one of whom was YouTuber 'idriveaclassic' and another was Top Gear star Kevin Nicks, owner of the World's Fastest Shed. We expressed a message of looking after those you love and also yourself during lockdown by creating a video montage. I was gratified with how many people supported it and took part in helping to spread an important message. Seeing other owners of classic and modern cars over social media sharing what they've been up to has been priceless."
Stay safe, keep in touch with loved ones and look after yourself.

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