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Christmas Round Up 2020

A message from Kate Manners - Managing Director

Well what a year that was and not one that many will be sad to see the back of!

2020 has certainly been a challenge! If we were told a year ago that most of the globe would go into Lockdown, where everything we took for granted on a daily basis would change and wearing masks would become second nature, I don’t think we would have believed that life as we knew it (and took for granted) would change with humans having to adapt to a new world in the same way we expect animals to, without a thought for their habitats. 

I hope that this year we have all taken the opportunity to realise what is really important to us and how lucky we will be if this is the worst thing we have to deal with in our lives. Queuing for food, not feeling safe and protected from disease and worrying about if we will see loved ones again are sadly everyday occurrences for some people who are less fortunate than ourselves. This year worries about all these things and more have been forced onto people who have never had to think about their next meal or if they can pay their bills. I hope that we can all become a little more charitable in the coming years both in our attitudes and abilities to help others no matter how small the offering.  

Personally, I am so very grateful for the support and hard work of my staff this year who have kept The Company going, and done so with a smile. They have been understanding and tolerant of the things I have asked of them and shown a real “wartime” spirit supporting me and each other. 

I thank you, our customers for bearing with us and understanding that things certainly haven’t been business as usual, and continuing to buy from us, enabling me to keep many more jobs than I thought I would be able to when this first started. 

This year we have all had to rely on more people than ever, and more often than not strangers who have supported our local communities with shopping, working as key workers and volunteering, looking out for those who have no one else. Please try to remember the kindness this horrible pandemic has bought out in so many people and share that kindness with those you meet.

We have continued to try to support the local charities where we can this year with collections for the local women’s refuge and Bham City mission on going . Staff are keen to donate their pre-loved items and even during challenging financial times they have found ways to give to others less fortunate. On a personal level I have continued to support Crisis, the Samaritans and Sponsor a Guide Dog puppy.

So, here’s to the future, let’s hope its “Merry and Bright” and I leave you with my very best wishes for the festive season and your health and happiness for the future.


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