Types of parts we sell

When you search for a part using one of the several different methods, and you choose one (you click on the View / buy link in the list), there will next appear a part description on a part detail page. The main part type descriptions will be one of :


Which means supplied from the vehicle manufacturer, usually in the Jaguar box. These part numbers will have no suffix and can be found in Jaguar part lists.

Original equipment (O.E.)

Which is a part from the supplier who made the original part for Jaguar, but not in a Jaguar box. These part numbers will normally, but not always be identical to a Jaguar original part number followed by a # character.

Replacement part

Part numbers followed by an * indicate that parts are a copy of the original. Please note that these are still products of high quality but will be cheaper as they are neither Jaguar boxed nor made by Original Equipment manufacturer.

Core part

This is an exchange part - a reconditioned second-hand part, and you have to pay a surcharge which is redeemable by returning your original part if it is suitable for reconditioning. Here is an extended description of this process.

Kit part

We put together collections of parts in a sealed wrapping suitable for typical service jobs. One example is a kit of all the hoses required for the cooling system of a particular car. Another example is Engine Service kits which contain all necessary air and oil filters, spark plugs, fan belts, gaskets etc. For details of what is in a Kit, please contact us directly.

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