Customer cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser or on your computer's hard drive. There are two types of cookie - those which are written to your hard drive, which enable items in your shopping cart to be remembered for several days, and those which are not written anywhere (called session cookies). We use both types of cookie, and can give different levels of service to you according to what cookies you leave enabled. In Windows 2K and XP cookies are normally stored specific to the user logged in.

Our cookies of both types do not contain any personal identification information.

However, with either type of cookie enabled, you will not have to input your name, address, and delivery details again, as your previous delivery details can be recalled from our secure database when you supply a password.

  • With full cookies enabled you will be recognised on your return, and will be able to store items in your shopping cart for up to 14 days. The identity cookie is called MIcustomer, and the cart is MIcart.
  • If you disable cookie-writing to disk, leaving session cookies enabled, you will still be able to use ordering, but only for one visit at a time. Nothing in your shopping cart will remain between visits.
  • If you completely disable cookies, you will not be able to use our on-line ordering, but you will still be able to search and view our parts and prices.

If you think your cookies are enabled. but our site says they are not, try visiting the home page first, as this is where we perform a test of whether a cookie is retained or not. If this does not work, restart your browser and enter the site using this address   -

If your order cart sometimes appears to empty itself, remember you must sign on as the same Windows user on the same PC to see your last updated cart. You should also be aware that some Windows processes or add-on software will clear cookies from time to time, and some security software will prevent cookies being saved. Our customer cookie has a lifetime of 99 days, and the cart lasts for 14 days. In both cases the lifetime extends when it is referenced again.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser to prevent that. For example in Internet Explorer, to examine or change your cookie setting, on the Tools / Internet Options under the security tab or privacy tab (according to version) check for a section about cookies and you should see entries about cookies that are stored on your computer and per-session cookies. The latter must be either 'enable' or 'prompt' before you can order on-line. Enabling the former (cookies stored on your computer) is the default, and gives you the fullest service, including storing your shopping cart for 14 days.

At certain points on the site, your browser must allow Javascript (in common with most on-line ordering sites). If you find that clicking the 'add to cart' button when trying to order appears to do nothing, it will be because you do not have Javascript enabled. As above look under the security entries and ensure Java permissions are not set to 'disable Java'