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Notice - part numbers ending # are original equipment parts and parts ending in * are replacement parts

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C2C18572 C2S42673 Jaguar X-Type On Plug Coil KFD2002 Jaguar Bottle Opener JRCORPMUG14 C2S33912 SSHK005

If you are familiar with part numbers and you already have the numbers of the parts you wish to order
you can look up and buy parts in this section.
Any of our parts books (available on line) can be used to help you look up the parts you need.
Where available we can offer you alternatives to the part that you request.

Plain part numbers indicate that the part is from Jaguar Cars.
Part numbers followed by # indicate that the part is made from Original Equipment but not in a Jaguar box.
Part numbers followed by an * indicate that parts are a copy of the original. Please note that these are still products of high quality made to the same specification as the original but will be cheaper as they are neither Jaguar boxed or made by Original Equipment.
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Jaguar Parts Quality Code

ISO 9001