Reconditioned Exchange Parts

There are certain parts, especially older and rarer parts, which are sold reconditioned. Common examples are instruments and gauges, starter and windscreen motors, distributors, carburettors, water pumps, camshafts, differential gears, steering racks and many other things. In the trade, they are known as Reconditioned or Exchange Units. There is a surcharge included in the price of these parts, which is redeemable on presentation of your old unit at your own expense.

Your old unit must be capable of being reconditioned and if returned to us within 6 months in a suitable condition we will credit the surcharge in full. However, they may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • worn beyond reconditioning
  • incomplete
  • damaged       (e.g. bent, cracked, twisted or broken, extra holes drilled)
  • more than 6 months after supply of exchange unit

We may insist on examining and thoroughly inspecting your old unit before releasing our reconditioned one. If we have released an exchange unit first and the customer's part fails any of our tests, we will not refund the surcharge and will charge the customer the return postage.


Our warranty on exchange units is generally the the same as for new parts. It applies only where purchased goods have been used solely for the intended purpose and have not been used in any form of motor sport i.e. racing, rallying, or speed trials.

All parts are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, usually for 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. Warranty will not cover labour, failure of a related component, failure resulting from faulty installation or misuse. Liability will not exceed the cost of the original component. During the warranty period please contact us immediately should any problem occur. We will then advise you, before replacing the failed component, as to the best course of action.

With all claims, both a copy of the customers invoice and our returns form (filled in by yourselves) must be received by us PRIOR to you returning the parts. We will decide the method of return freight and will charge it to you, the customer, if the fault is not ours.

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