Requesting a quotation

You can, if you wish, request a quotation rather than place an immediate order. This is done on the payment screen, simply by selecting 'requesting a quotation' as a payment option.

Also, in some circumstances, we cannot accept orders for certain parts without further contact with you. In this case the payment screen will offer only one payment method - requesting a quotation. This is for your protection as well as ours.

Here are some reasons why quotations are sometimes preferable for you and us....


You may well require insured delivery rather than the normal 'own risk' delivery, especially on high-value orders, and this has to be by special arrangement.

Heavy packaging

Certain parts, especially costly and/or delicate parts (such as windscreens and panels) need to be strongly protected during transport. This greatly increases the weight of the whole order, and in turn would put up the delivery cost as quoted on our site. It is often possible for us to arrange a different method of transport which can lead to substantial savings for you, but this may cause a longer delivery time. For this reason, we would need to contact you concerning your desire for speed or cost.


If our site suggests that the delivery period for a non-stock part is lengthy, you may wish to have contact with us to gain a firmer impression of how long our suppliers may take, based on our experience.

Split delivery

You may sometimes find your order can be split into two deliveries - suppose it contains both stocked and non-stocked parts, and you need quick delivery of certain parts and can wait for others. This does not by any means always cause more expensive delivery charges. There are also Customs duties for some countries, which can vary according to the method of transport, and can be minimised in this way.


A heavy order will be costly to deliver, yet you may be able to organise a personal collection from us. The way to place an order without delivery costs is to request a quotation and send us an e-mail specifying collection.


If parts have to be specially ordered and manufactured for you (for example leather seat trim), then it is understandable that we will need payment in advance. In that case, we cannot take an order on the website.

Replacement part

Some parts are only available reconditioned (see core parts) and the worldwide supply is dwindling. It is a condition of sale that your original unit is supplied to us for reconditioning.

Price confirmation

When our suppliers notify us of price changes, these will generally be reflected on our website within hours. Experience has shown, however, that some suppliers do not update their prices to us often enough, and to avoid any possible embarrassment, we need to prevent orders being taken for certain parts until the current price is confirmed with our suppliers.

When your method of payment is 'requesting a quotation', your order details are saved as for a normal order, and we will contact you with a firm quotation. You can then proceed as you desire.

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