Payment options

We accept Visa, Delta, Connect, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, JCB cards processed by SECpay, and cheques or postal orders denominated in Pounds Sterling as payment for orders.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Amex cards. Your credit card is independently processed under high security by SECpay Ltd, and we personally do not need to know your card details. We receive from SECpay an authority to withdraw the amount required, but this can only be done when we have despatched your goods. Until that time the amount remains frozen in your account. Please note that Card issuers impose conditions that if you pay by credit card, we may only deliver to the address at which your card is registered.

There are also two ways you can order from us without having to enter your complete credit or debit card number on the Web, in case you still feel concerned:

Paying by cheque or money order

You can select "Pay by Cheque" on the order form and send us a personal cheque or postal order in Pounds Sterling for the amount of your order. PLEASE NOTE that currently we are only able to accept postal orders denominated in Pounds Sterling or cheques denominated in Pounds Sterling and drawn on a UK bank. Paying by cheque does slow down your order somewhat as we do not order your items until your cheque is received and also we do not send the items to you until your funds clear. If you are in the UK, paying by personal cheque typically delays your order by about 7 to 10 days.

Please make cheques payable to : Abingdon MG Parts Ltd

After you have fully submitted your order on our Web site you can send your cheque to the following address:

Abingdon MG Parts Ltd
Accounts Department
991 Wolverhampton Road
United Kingdom
B69 4RJ

Please remember to write your e-mail address clearly on the back of your cheque, and add your Customer Id and Order number as this will help us to process your order more efficiently.

Calling in or faxing your card number

For all cards, except those which require the cardholder to be present, we have a safe way for you to use your credit or debit card without ever having to enter the number on the Internet. After filling out the order form you can contact us by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail to supply your Customer Id and order number, together with the digits, name, expiry date and security number of your credit or debit card (the security number is the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip). This gives us a way to track your order but still guarantees your security. You can do this even if you cannot or do not wish to use our secure server and your credit or debit card number will be totally protected. We advise that you should not pass us credit card details by e-mail, unless you split the details, especially the card number, across more than one e-mail.

Non-UK residents: +44 121 544 4444
UK residents only: 0121 544 4444

Non-UK residents: +44 121 544 5558
UK residents only: 0121 544 5558

After you type, fax or phone it in, your complete card number is transferred to this secure machine which is not accessible by network or modem and the number is not stored anywhere else.

We do not currently sell, rent, swap or give our list of customer names and addresses to anyone, nor do we expect to do so in future.