Best practice for passwords

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Password access to this site is only to protect the privacy of your personal details and of your orders. Credit card payment is an entirely separate question and, as described here, is highly secure. Credit card details are not stored anywhere on our site. Your access password is stored on the site, but in an encrypted form, so even in the very unlikely event of a hacker accessing our website databases, there is no realistic way to extract password information.

The following observations are very important, and apply to any and all websites, not just this one

  • do not use the same password on more than one password-protected site
  • do not use a password that is easy to guess
  • do not use your name, date of birth, telephone number, partners or childrens names or similar
  • use numbers as well as characters in your password
  • if possible, do not use a word in any dictionary
  • sometimes (as on this website) if upper and lower case can be used, then mix case if possible

The following general tips for online security are commonly observed

  • keep your anti-virus package updated and ensure it is updated before you go on any website
  • keep your PC updated with the latest operating system security patches
  • use a software or hardware firewall
  • check your PC frequently for keyboard loggers, spyware etc using freely available software
  • never send sensitive information by email, and use SSL when this is done online
  • use credit cards online only with SSL encryption (spot a locked padlock in the bottom right corner)