Delivery information - partial deliveries

Delivery will normally be at your own risk.

Unless otherwise requested by telephone, fax or e-mail, we will provide the optimum delivery service for your parcel consistent with minimum cost and adequate speed. There are often more expensive alternatives which can include faster delivery, registered delivery and insurance cover, and sometimes cheaper but slower methods also exist.
contact us directly if you require a different service

The following delivery process description applies only to the UK, and to some extent to major European counties close to the UK. It does not apply to any other delivery destinations - please refer to general delivery information for your part of the world.

When all your goods are in stock, we usually achieve 'following day' delivery in the UK, although it can also depend on courier schedules and workloads. This can sometimes take customers by surprise, and as parcels require a signature for the delivery driver, there can be an unnecessary delay.

Be prepared to have someone available to sign for your goods. We have no control over the time of delivery, nor whether parcel delivery drivers have sufficient flexibility to 'leave your parcel next door'. The general rule is if no-one is available to sign for the goods, a card is left and you will have to make arrangements with the carrier for personal collection from a local depot, or a second delivery attempt may be made.

Letter post does not usually require a signature, but letter post is not capable of carrying the majority of orders, so parcel post or courier is far more likely.

If you contact us about urgent delivery, and are prepared to pay extra, we can achieve next-day delivery over much of the continent. All the above depends upon two things - your order is with us before 3pm British Time, Monday to Friday and your goods are all in stock.

If not all of your order is actually in stock, what happens next depends upon circumstances. If 80% or more of your order is available for immediate delivery, and the remainder can be delivered by letter post, then we may choose, without reference to you, to deliver your partial order at once. Your invoice for this delivery will state that a further delivery will follow.

The remaining part of your order will be delivered when it becomes available, free of delivery charges.

All other cases of partial availability will be dealt with by arrangement with yourself. Also if you place a further order to be delivered at the same time as your original back-ordered parts, then that will be subject to a further delivery charge since it probably can no longer be delivered by letter post.