Buying online procedures

You can choose parts in different ways, such as searching for a part (if you know at least some starting characters of a part number). You can choose by car model and then section of a car like brakes or exhaust. You can choose from our selection of the most popular parts we sell, or lastly use a keyword search of part descriptions. More details are given below.
You build up a shopping cart in the same way as with most web-sites. The service level depends upon your browser's cookie settings. Your shopping cart can be retained for 14 days. If you already have a shopping cart, you can use the buttons above left to review your cart, print it, or change item quantities.
Choose to pay either by sending us a cheque written on a UK bank, or go to our secure payment pages where you can pay with most credit cards in complete safety. If you do not wish to pass credit card details over the internet you can fax or telephone your card details. Sadly, we cannot accept American Express cards either on-line or by telephone.
There are occasions when a simple purchase through the website is not desirable for either you or us. It is possible (and sometimes mandatory) to request a quotation (click here for why). This is done by following the normal purchase method, but choose 'requesting a quotation' as your method of payment. We will then contact you with a firm quotation, and you can proceed as you wish.
  • Find it by part number
    • To use this option you need to know something about part numbers
    • Click the "Search by part" button top left on most pages
    • Type the first few characters in the search box at the top of that page
    • Browse the resulting list of matching parts
  • Find it by car model
    • To use this option you don't need to know part numbers
    • Click the "Search by car" button top left on most pages
    • Choose the model of your car
    • Choose the section of the car you want a part for
    • Browse the resulting list of matching parts
  • Find it in popular parts
    • To use this option you don't need to know part numbers
    • Click the "Popular parts" button on most pages
    • Choose the type of parts you want
    • Browse the resulting list of matching parts
  • Find it by keyword search of part descriptions
    • To use this option you don't need to know part numbers
    • Click the "Key words" button on most pages
    • Enter a 3 to 6 character keyword
    • To refine your search, enter another keyword, and/or your car model and engine size
    • Browse the resulting list of matching parts
  • Select it
    • Click the "View / buy" link view the part details
    • If a photo is available it will be shown automatically
    • Review the longer description and enter the quantity you want
    • Click the "add to cart" button
    • Prices in your shopping cart remain valid for 14 days
    • When you're ready, click the "To Checkout" button
  • Account customers
    • If you have a registered discount classification with us there are extra facilities as below
    • Price lists and browses of parts will still show standard retail prices, but part details will show a discounted price, and there will be an indication if quantity break prices are available to you
  • Buy it
    • Sign in using your e-mail address and a password
    • Tell us where to deliver it. We use these methods of despatch
    • Choose how you would like to pay. We welcome these payment options
    • Check your order details
    • Distance selling regulations require you must read and accept our terms and conditions
    • Click the "submit your order" button to complete the transaction
    • You have an unconditional seven-day cancellation period from that time
    • Remember, all your personal information is protected by the Abington MG Parts Ltd privacy guarantee
  • Get it
    • We'll send you an e-mail confirming your order
    • You can check the status of your order at any time by clicking on "Your Account" at the left of most pages
    • We'll send you another e-mail when your item/s have been sent out from our warehouse

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